Small Business Marketing Should Focus on Authenticity

Spend any time researching marketing trends and tactics for 2017, and you’ll see the words ‘genuine’ and ‘authentic’ over and over. Today’s marketing plan is to channel your authenticity and invite customers into your world. Marketers create relationships with their potential customers by making customers feel like they know the people behind the brands.

Individuals and companies are more visible than ever before. With dozens of social media outlets, brands have the opportunity to tell their story even as it’s happening. Social media is a staple in most people’s lives. It makes us feel like we know everyone that we follow, and that’s bled into how customers consume businesses. Companies have to build genuine connections within their target demographics to succeed today.

To invite your customers into your world, you have to open up. Creating online content like blogs, videos, podcasts or photos that tell your company’s story helps to humanize your company. Offline, supporting causes that align with your company’s mission, or doing pop-up shows where people can meet you in person helps to plant your brand in their hearts and minds.

You can focus on authenticity in your brand marketing easily. Here are three ways you can tell your story, and three things that accomplishes.

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