New tools to help brick-and-mortar stores fight back against online shopping

If you have been burned by long lines, limited choice and poor customer service in stores, you are likely doing more and more shopping online — a huge problem for brick-and-mortar retailers.

Thanks to digital and mobile technology, consumers have come to expect a level of service — priority treatment for loyalty, for example — that many retailers are simply not equipped to deliver.

As a result, this holiday season e-commerce sales will take a $95 billion bite out of a total of $885 billion in retail sales, eMarketer has predicted. E-commerce sales will rise 17 percent this year, surpassing 10 percent of total retail sales for the first time, the firm has predicted.

 The main culprit is Amazon. The e-commerce giant accounted for over a quarter of online holiday sales in 2015, and will soak up even more business this year, according to eMarketer.

Brick-and-mortar merchants need to become more like Apple, Starbucks and Nordstrom and deliver better in-store experiences, said Osama Bedier, founder and CEO of point of service payments (POS) company Poynt. Bedier was also the brain behind Google Wallet.

“You have got to get rid of the checkout lanes and lines and make shopping pleasant again,” said Bedier. “Technology has been preventing retailers from doing that.”

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