September 23, 2018

2A Businesses

Has your current processor shut you down because you sell firearms or firearms related products and services?

Nobody supports 2A businesses like we do.

No one can beat our Interchange Plus pricing either.

  • .20% plus $0.10 on every swipe, dip, tap, keyed and online transaction
  • $10.00 monthly service
  • $0.00 for PCI Compliance, regulatory fees, IRS reporting, annual fees, termination fees, monthly minimum, activation fees, reprogramming fee, and terminal support fee.
  • Contract Length: Month to Month with not termination fee

Interchange Plus is the most transparent pricing plan out for merchants. It simply charges the Interchange Plus a flat markup on each transaction. To learn more about this pricing model, CLICK HERE.

Recently we have been signing up a lot of businesses that have been shut down by Square and other processors who are no longer gun friendly. We can have you up and running in 1-3 days.

We specialize in :

  • Retail Firearm Stores
  • Gun Shows
  • Online Sales, including Gunbroker and Gearfire

We are a proud member of the NRA Business Alliance as well as NRA members.